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Mitsubishi UFJ Morgan Stanley Securities Co., Ltd. - 797 EIZO Monitors for Back-Office Operations Efficiency and Office Aesthetics


Established in 1948 as a member of the Mitsubishi UFJ Financial Group, Mitsubishi UFJ Morgan Stanley Securities Co., Ltd. is a securities company whose main business is trading in financial instruments. The company, which has been using EIZO monitors for many years, has newly installed 777 units of the 23.8-inch FlexScan EV2480 monitor and 20 units of the 37.5-inch FlexScan EV3895 ultrawide curved monitor for back-office operations such as in the Planning and IT departments, between 2023 and 2024. We asked a representative from the company about the installation and how the monitors are being used.

Mr. Tsuyoshi Chida, General Manager, IT Planning Division
Mr. Tsuyoshi Chida, General Manager, IT Planning Division

EIZO Monitors Used in the Dealing Department for Over 20 Years for Reliability and High Image Quality

“Our company has been using EIZO monitors in our Dealing Division for about 20 years. Since dealing work requires instantaneous identification of price fluctuations in foreign exchange and stock prices, when selecting a monitor, we placed great importance on high image quality that could clearly display numerical values and graphs. After comparing the display performance of several manufacturers, we chose EIZO monitors because they were the best. We were also surprised at how reliable they have been since they were installed. They have been very well received within the company for their display performance and reliability and have therefore been used for many years. This time, we installed 797 new EIZO monitors for back-office operations, such as in the Planning and IT departments. We decided to install these monitors because of the high image quality and the confidence we already have in the products we have been using.

“We have adopted a hot desking system to allow people to choose their own workstyle. With hot desking, people often have a laptop with them, so previously they had to take a power supply with them wherever they went. Since all the monitors we installed this time are USB Type-C compatible, which allows power to be supplied from the monitor to the laptop, there is no need to carry around a power adapter, which is very convenient. We also changed the USB Type-C cable to a short 1-meter cable instead of the 2-meter cable that is usually included with the product. 1-meter cables are less likely to get tangled, and they also keep the desk tidy.


A “CC100” short 1-meter cable used for simple wiring.

“Our office incorporates plants and wooden desks and is designed to create a bright and open space where employees can work with a lively spirit. The EIZO monitors we installed this time are all unified with a white cabinet design, which contributes greatly to the brightness and openness of the office. We are pleased to hear employees visiting from our other locations comment on how bright and beautiful the office is.”

All EIZO monitors feature a unified white cabinet color, helping to improve the aesthetic look of the office.

Space-Saving, Easy-to-Use 23.8-inch EV2480 as the Office Standard

“The 23.8-inch EV2480 is installed as the office standard throughout our company, such as hot desking areas, private booths, and conference rooms. The EV2480 is a space-saving and easy-to-use monitor that can handle a variety of back-office tasks in departments such as General Affairs, Human Resources, Planning, and IT. Since our work involves a lot of small text, such as in Excel, documents, and source code, we appreciate not only the high image quality that displays information clearly, but also the comprehensive features that reduce eye fatigue. We feel that this product is in line with our office concept of providing a comfortable working environment for our employees.


“We also installed the EV2480 in the PD (Problem Determination) room, where countermeasures are discussed in the event of a system failure. In this room, the status of the system failure and related materials are shared on all monitors for discussion. Since we deal with urgent matters, the monitors must be reliable and able to display the screen clearly down to the finest detail. The reliability of EIZO monitors allowed us to install them in the PD room with confidence.”


EV3895 Large-Screen, Ultrawide Monitor Enables Simultaneous Multi-Window Display for Productivity

“The 37.5-inch EV3895 ultrawide curved monitor is a model that I personally use often and have seen the benefits. For example, as a manager I frequently perform approval tasks, and until now, I had been reviewing approval requests and reference materials by switching between windows. Since the EV3895 can display multiple documents on a large screen simultaneously, my review efficiency has greatly improved.



“We have also installed the EV3895 in some of the hot desking spaces. The EV3895 is extremely useful when working when comparing different documents. The large horizontal screen allows multiple windows to be displayed and worked on at the same time, and the ability to display reference materials over a spacious area while keeping web conferencing screens open has been very well received.” image08

EIZO's Environmental Response in Product Manufacturing and Business Activities are Key for Consideration

“Our company actively promotes ESG under the slogan “When it comes to ESG, it’s MUMSS.*” and has established an environmental policy that specifies our response and stance on climate change and environmental conservation. By reducing the environmental impact of our offices, we are striving to protect the environment through resource recycling initiatives and the efficient use of energy and resources.
*MUMSS: Acronym for “Mitsubishi UFJ Morgan Stanley Securities”

“For this monitor installation, we asked EIZO to handle delivery, unpacking, connection and testing, and even collecting waste. This not only reduced the amount of work required by the General Affairs and IT Departments to install the monitors, but it also allowed us to entrust EIZO with the time-consuming task of properly disposing the waste in an environmentally friendly manner.”

EIZO offers corporate customers services such as delivery and installation of monitors and collection of unneeded accessories. This saves the customer time and effort and allows them to use the monitors for their business immediately after installation. In addition, flexible services such as mounting on a monitor arm or collecting existing monitors are offered accordingly.

“We have also established a purchasing policy that emphasizes the importance of ensuring that suppliers of goods and services are committed to environmental friendliness in both their business operations and product manufacturing when conducting purchasing activities. EIZO monitors use a high percentage of recycled plastic and are highly energy efficient. In addition, the company is also committed to the most advanced efforts to reduce the environmental impact of its business activities, which is in line with the purchasing policy we expect from our suppliers. This is one of the main reasons why we have been using EIZO for many years.”

About the sustainability of EIZO products 

Future Outlook

“In recent years, the amount of information handled in business increased, and connecting a monitor to a laptop to improve work efficiency has become a basic requirement. We are also considering installing a 27-inch monitor, which is between the EV2480 and EV3895 in size, so that our employees can flexibly choose the monitor that best suits their work needs. We hope that EIZO will continue to support us with installation and continue to develop reliable products that are easy on the eyes.”

Special thanks:
Mitsubishi UFJ Morgan Stanley Securities Co., Ltd.


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