Uncompromising reliability

Surveillance monitors with uncompromising reliability

The exceptional quality of all components and the high testing and review standards at EIZO's factories guarantee the extraordinarily high reliability of the monitors. This is reflected in the long warranty periods and periods of use, meaning that you can benefit from absolute investment security.

Excellent image quality

Security monitors with excellent image quality

The monitors for video surveillance get their excellent viewing angle stability from the use of innovative panel technology. This ensures a clear view from any angle. EIZO LCDs boast surface with an anti-reflection coating, which provides significant protection for your eyes. Thanks to the large dimming range of the monitors, the monitor brightness can be optimally adjusted when looking at the monitor in dark environments or under changing light conditions.

The perfect solution for all applications

Surveillance displays for every scenario of use

Whether they are used in businesses, buildings, underground car parks, external areas, or in access control, EIZO monitors show the images from your surveillance cameras precisely and in high resolution. Depending on what you need, you can connect several cameras to a single monitor, without needing a computer, and display different streams simultaneously. Moreover, there are image improvement functions, which always provide a good image – even given unfavorable lighting conditions.

Perfect interaction with IP cameras

IP monitors for surveillance

Our innovative IP monitors allow you to control several IP cameras directly. This means they don't need a PC and can, therefore, be mounted in your choice of location, including on walls or ceilings, meaning you no longer need to house the computer and it also makes the wiring far simpler, automatically saving you money and space.

Technology partner
EIZO is a technology partner of Axis Communications.

Cooperation with leading camera manufacturers is a key component of EIZO’s R&D activities, since this ensures that the EIZO IP decoding monitors are perfectly compatible with IP cameras. As an Axis Technology Partner, EIZO regularly exchanges relevant information with Axis.

Functionality with Leading VMS

EIZO works with security & surveillance industry leaders to ensure technical compatibility and functional support with various VMS.

EIZO monitors for security and surveillance – the benefits at a glance:

  1. Suitable for 24/7 operation
  2. High reliability and long product life cycles
  3. The perfect solution for use in businesses, buildings, underground car parks, outdoor areas, and for access control
  4. IP monitor to connect to surveillance cameras without needing a computer
  5. Improved display of dark areas (e.g. thanks to Low-Light-Correction)
Customised solutions

Because we know that the requirements in the area of security and surveillance vary greatly and are different in each case, we will be happy to offer specific solutions tailored perfectly to your requirements.

Customer-specific solutions

Monitors for security and surveillance

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